True Love! still exists!

Gone are the days when people were spending their whole life with a single life partner. In those times, love was FOREVER. Even today also, it is indeed forever but the lover gets changed! So, the love doesn’t die, it just get shifts to a new destination to spread its colors on.

With the pace at which people are changing their prospected life partners or official life partners, it has become tough to find a couple in true love.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen such a couple in my life.

No… I am not going to mention about my parents here!

Rather, there is one more couple whose love story deserves to be told here.

One of the many good things of today’s social sites is the soil and environment they provide to rope the new love seeds. Few years back, at such a site, a love story began, nurtured and wrote it’s own destiny.

The hero of this story was one of my good friends of that time and the girl in question was a stranger who entered as a breeze of fresh and approachable air to him.

With the passage of time, they found their deep interest in each other. The boy was eager to confess his love to the girl but was afraid to do so. Though they were in touch days and nights, sharing their precious moments over online chat and phone calls but there was a secret of the boy which was not known to the girl.

The boy was suffering from a disease named Polio in one of his legs due to which he was unable to walk properly.

I, along with the rest of his friends, were quite sure that the girl will back off whenever she will come to know about the truth. Getting married to such a person who is also from a different caste needs lots of guts and passionate love  (yes, in India, we still deal with religion, caste and color).

We tried our best to let our friend convince that the end of the story will be sad for him as he will be the one who will get hurt most. But all useless. After all, it was LOVE, which not only makes people blind but it also makes them deaf at times (as our friends stop listening to us!).

One day, our friend decided to meet that girl. The girl got agreed having an inner belief that they can count on one another. The meeting got fixed & on some random day, they both met.

Against all our expectations and sure conclusions, the girl was not broken by seeing the reality. She was surprised, probably shocked as well but still very much in love with our friend. After meeting couple of times they decided to marry each other.

The girl’s decision made us all owe to her a lot. She not only proved us wrong but showed us the real meaning of true love. She taught us how to love. But we humans are so selfish and doubtful that we still kept on doubting whether they will actually get marry or not.

For the obvious reasons, the girl`s family was against this proposed relationship so as our friend’s family. The love birds tried their levels best to convince them. But neither of the family got agreed.

At last, they both decided to get married in a judicial court. Without informing their families, they went ahead and tied the knot.

That day, we realized when a girl says yes, it does mean yes!

By having each other’s support, they were ready to face the volcanoes of their lives now. So, they informed their families on the same day. Both families were shocked, unable to understand what was the lacking in their upbringing (Any children, in India, if ever, does something wrong or against the parents expectations, the Indian parents raise the question mark on their own upbringing!)

By seeing the children going happy go lucky with each other & supporting each other in every ups and downs of life, both the families soon realized that they were wrong; uselessly trying to enforce their own wishes and expectations on their children.

Today, against all speculations and odds, the love birds are living happily in their nest along with their babies.


“Not dying”…really so?

“Not dying” or the way I used to write it as “notDying” is my user name at some of the social sites.

Many people had asked me this question in past that why do I have such a user name. People often ask me, are you sure you are not dying? Not only in the near future but in general? Anytime…sooner or later?

Indeed I am! With the passage of every moment, I am already dying… so as the rest of the whole world. Nothing new in it.

My inspiration behind this name was not the over confidence of my own long life but it was the determination that I am going to survive no matter how many hurdles might come in my way. It was nothing but the reflection of my fighting spirit which I didn’t had inside but somehow, managed to got it enough at some point of time. It was the spirit… not to live long but to be strong enough that I was able to control all my feelings and emotions behind my smile.

Rather than for the world, it was a name given to myself so that it can always remind me at the back of my mind that I am not going to die so easily, that I am not going to lose so easily and definitely I am not going to stop living & loving my life so easily!






Welcome Back!

To all those people who are deciding today to revisit their old memories in one way or another, be it by visiting their old school, work areas, eatable places, relationships, hobbies or anything else which was somehow in past was associated to you hugely, here is a welcome wish from my side as I am also one of you! 🙂

It’s been more than three and a half years since I had visited my blog here, and I must say it’s feeling awesome to be back. 🙂

Why so? You must be wondering.

Can’t say! Even I am also trying to analyze it inside.

Though no one is waiting here for me. No one is going to appreciate me for this (wait a sec! who knows, someone will!…. ) but I am already loving it to be back here all because of the memories associated with this place. Memories… of-course the positive ones! Who would like to revisit such old paths of life which will only give the pain to him? LOL

hmmm… well, truly speaking, there exists such persons as well on our earth! And the reason for their existence or rather I should say for their this sort of behavior, in most of the cases is, LOVE! (No offences please)

After all, it’s the LOVE for writing, which even made me brought here back after so much time! So, here it is, for the sake of LOVE.. welcome back guys.. in life!

Cheers 🙂

Being a WOMEN Nokia Developer Champion

Nokia Developer Champion is an honor given by Nokia Developer to appreciate the services and hard work of Nokia developers worldwide.

It’s my second year in a row to be a Nokia Developer Champion in a community where 90% of the members are male. Right now, a couple of women are having this title. You read it right, just COUPLE OF. So how does it feel to be part of such a community and what does it takes to be here?

For me, nothing much except your own passion. Is it the passion for programming? I don’t think so. Passion for… mobile phones? No. Then what? For me, it’s the passion to do something different and the zeal to get recognized amongst millions of people.

Being in this community feels always special and humbled. The community always welcomes you by a NDC certificate and the latest Nokia handset. After that the benefits are countless. From the free Promotional Program offers to the passes of attending World class events, they give you all. Some of the benefits may be materialistic others may be not. It depends on you only as how you see a benefit.

We all know very well that there are two sides of a coin. Same happens with everything in life. NDC program itself, is not an exception. If I get benefits on one side then I have lots of responsibilities and duties on the other side. Achieving a position in a race is always an easy task but to make it consistent and perform beyond the expectations of people every time is the hardest thing. Forget about people it’s your own expectations which don’t allow you to perform poorly.

After you become a NDC people always expects a Champ like performance from you in every task. Whether it’s technical or not, it doesn’t matter to them. Lots of my friends who are not from IT background, asks me different questions by adding a sentence in the last “C’mon, you’re the Champion. Answer it.” That is a horrible situation always. How come a NDC is guaranteed to give correct answers related to Income Tax saving, computer hardware failure or mobile phone hardware failure?  It all happens due to the NDC tag associated with me.  🙂

People always can see your achievements, not the work you have done behind the scenes. They will always be there to appreciate you whenever you achieve something. But will they all be there when you start losing? Perhaps NO. That’s why the foremost important thing is to have good friends and people who can spread positive feelings around you. There should not be any scope for negativity.

A NDC title always asks something from you. It’s up to you how do you deliver it. If you are ready to work on weekends, if you are ready to work in nights then it’s for you. Though these are not the hard and fast requirements, it will depend on your time management skills. I have to compromise my weekends and my free time as I am poor in time management. I still have to learn it.

Talking about my source of inspiration, all the NDCs inspire me especially women champs.  We have Anina Net, who runs her own Fashion Network. She is a developer, designer, model as well. In India, we have Mariam Dholkawala, a successful entrepreneur. Amongst students, we have Avnee Nathani. Imazine, a NDC during college time. I wonder what I used to do in my college time. L We have lots of other NDCs as well like Shefali Gupta, one of the oldest NDCs. Except people from my field my other friends are also my source of inspiration. One must have friends from all background of life so that you can get aware, motivated without ever having a bit of hard feeling.

Our Indian movies always relate to our lives. In one of the Indian movie, Sadak, we have a famous scene in which one person (Paresh Rawal) tells his wife pointing towards Sanjay Dutt (the HERO of the movie) that “What he earns during day that he earns to get feed but what he earns in nights, that he earns for his heart.”  I… am that kind of persons. What about you? 🙂

Nokia Lumia Your Wish Is My App – Finale

For those who aren’t aware of what YWIMA is, let me tell you bit about it. It’s a joint effort made by Nokia India and NDTV (leading news channel of India) to come up with the World’s First Mobile App Reality Show in India. It’s a show where people were asked to submit their mobile app idea and the best app idea was eligible to get Rs 1 Million along with the app creation.

I was asked if I would like to mentor one of the top 9 contestants, to which I happily agreed. This way, I got connected to the show. Let me share with you how it was to be part of such a BIG event.

Talking about the finale structure, 10 contestants were there, working hard, fighting against each other neck to neck. All ideas were good and all mentors were trying their hard so that their mentee could win.  Each contestant had to give a 70 seconds presentation of the idea. After that, some questions were to be asked from the judges’ panel.

The judges were Mr. Raj Chinai (an Entrepreneur)Mr. Vikas khanna (Celebrity Chef) and Mr.Vikas Gondal (an Entrepreneur). The host of the show was none other than Mr. Rajiv Makhni (MD, Technology-NDTV). To grace the evening we had Priyanka Chopra (Bollywood Actress – Miss World 2000) with us. From Nokia, we had Mr. P. Balaji (Head- Nokia India) as Chief Guest and his family. We also had Mr. Gerard Rego (Director – Developer Experience – Nokia India).


The day started with all of us reaching at the venue at 8:30 am. Soon, the mentors were asked to come at the studio where we were about to give interview. Yes, we too gave the interviews. I was the first one to get started with. How was it? Awesome! Though I was blank at that moment, not thinking much about the camera which was constantly staring me. One lady was just asking questions and me giving answers. Finally, it got completed with all the mentors as well. I am sure we all did well. Though it will be reflected soon when the episode will get telecast. LOL!

After giving interviews, it was the time to wait. Wait… for the real shooting of finale to get start. Meanwhile, the judges started arriving. Raj Chinai and Vikas Gondal were the first ones to come. Sitting in the main hall, watching the two celebs just in front of you coming your way is a great feeling. At that time, it feels as if you are a very important person as such persons are in front of you without any security and their bouncers.

Then, it was Vikas Khanna who came with his family members. Luckily I was on the main door when he arrived and I got the fortune to click some close pics of him. After Vikas, it was time for the JUNGLEE BILLI (Priyanka Chopra) to arrive. She came and went directly to her vanity van. You know the STARS. They are like that.

There was something unusual that day. I mean we all were bored of waiting and waiting but still we were NOT REALLY BORED. Time was just running out of our hands. I would say I was not even able to realize is it the time of my breakfast, my lunch or my coffee. I was not missing any of them. It was one of the best opportunities to get to know people. We, the NDCs were having so much fun that even the event management crew members were trying to scold us at times. 🙂 One of the crew members told us, “I suppose you are the developers”. Indeed, we are!! We are here to enjoy. Aren’t we? Perhaps we all wanted to live that moment without worrying what the world is thinking about us.

It was too late and the shoot hadn’t started yet. I was sitting with Mr. Gerard having chat with him. We were talking about the champs program, especially in India. He was guiding me and was sharing his experiences and I was listening to him with all the enthusiasm. Suddenly we felt we were too hungry but didn’t have anything to eat. It was then Mr. Gerard who found some pizza pieces and fruits from the room next to studio. The pizza and the fruits were there for the crew members but because Mr. Gerard was with me, we each had a piece of pizza. While we were eating, a waiter came and said “Sir, this is not allowed for you people to eat.” And Mr. Gerard replied “I am the director at Nokia India. Don’t worry. We are just starving.” The waiter had no choice. He said “Sure Sir” and smiled. It’s good to have such a big personality with you at times especially when you are hungry a lot.

At last, the shoot started. Each contestant was giving presentation for 70 seconds in front of the judges and it was a proud moment for all the mentors. Though it wasn’t our idea which was getting discussed but because we were working with our mentee from the last 1 month or so, we surely got connected with it. Especially watching Praneet (my mentee) on the stage was wonderful. He has just turned 14 couple of days back. At such a small age his knowledge, his confidence and his enthusiasm is great. Soon, all the contestants presented their ideas.

It was now time for the results to be announced. After the results were announced the celebrations started. Celebrations – from the management team who was organizing the event as they successfully completed their show. Celebrations – from the contestants’ side who won. Celebrations – from the Judges panel as they completed their contract and they got to meet their friends. Celebrations – from our, NDCs side, as we were the ones who got everything – meet celebs, given interviews for a national tv channel, became the part of the show, got to meet rest of the NDCs. So I would say we were the luckiest ones. 🙂

Finally, it was quick pictures shoot time. Celebs were with us. Just ask them and they were happy and kind enough to click pics with us. Unfortunately, none of us was allowed to have pics with Priyanka Chopra. You know how much crazy we Indians are for movies. Her bouncers were there protecting her as if we were the villains.  Surely, they were the villains of that evening.

Anyway, it was then time to get departs. My cab was waiting outside and my fellow NDCs and contestants had to go back at their hotel. With a smile and promise of meeting again, I met them all and left the place. While going back home in the cab, I was thinking how much strange life is? Half an hour ago I was sitting with the most prestigious personalities and now I am alone. They are way back to their homes as I am way back to my home.

My conclusion of the whole day, “Work hard to progress but never forget your roots.